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Growing In Faith and Learning

'Growing in Faith and Learning' 'Life in all it's fullness' John 10:10

Welcome to St Leonard's CofE Primary School

Welcome to St. Leonard’s Church of England Primary School. We hope our website gives you a flavour of our vibrant, happy school and the achievements of our delightful children. We are a thriving church school in the picturesque village of Wigginton with a strong Christian ethos, growing in faith and learning. We passionately believe in developing the ‘whole child’ and ensure all children have the opportunity to reach their goals and shine in their own unique and wonderful way. Our kind, caring and dedicated team nurture, motivate and encourage our children to be confident and well-rounded members of their community. I am incredibly proud to be the Headteacher of St. Leonard’s, a place where children develop a passion for learning, feel good about themselves, are proud of their achievements and create lasting memories of friendship and connection in our school family. I warmly invite you to come and visit us at St. Leonard’s Mrs Kirsty Cullen, Headteacher.


We take E-safety very seriously at St Leonard's. Through delivery of our computing curriculum, we are committed to helping our children to be empowered to keep themselves safe online.

We also want to help and support parents and carers to feel confident in educating their children about e-safety to ensure that the important messages are delivered both at school and at home.


Follow the links below to access some excellent e safety resources. These include parentinfo which is a new collaboration between CEOP (child exploitation and online protection) and the Parent Zone. Here you will find up to date information on all elements of online safety including gaming, social media and online identities.

The NSPCC has also put together some useful information.

We expect all children at St Leonard's to follow our Acceptable Use of ICT Policy which was sent home during the first week of the academic year.


For more information on E-safety at St Leonard's, please refer to our school policy. 

App Safety Guidance

Online Home Learning Guidelines for Parents and Carers

Guidelines for All Teams Video Calls and Teams Video lessons

  • The parent or carer must make sure their child and other members of the household are aware the video call is happening,
  • Staff, children and other members of the household must wear suitable clothing
  • Devices used should be in appropriate areas, for example, not in bedrooms; and where possible be against a neutral background.
  • Language must be professional and appropriate, including any family members in the background.
  • The same expectations apply for remote teaching and conversations as normal school conduct.
  • Staff will only ever video call a pupil with prior agreement with parents and the head teacher. This will always be at a pre-arranged time.
  • Wherever possible, Video calls will be recorded and stored on Teams for 21 days so that if any issues were to arise, the video can be reviewed.  Parents and children will be asked to confirm they are aware of this and give consent at the start of each session


1:1 Video Conversations:


  • Staff will only ever video call a pupil with prior agreement with parents.
  • This will be at a pre-arranged time and day.
  • The parent or carer must stay in the room.


Guidelines for Pupils for Home Learning

Online Home Learning Guidelines for Pupils;

I want to stay safe online and I know that anything I do on the computer, phone, tablet or internet may be seen by someone else.

I will:

  • only open pages which my parent, carer or teacher has said are okay
  • talk to my parent, carer or teacher before using anything on the internet that I’m unsure about
  • tell my parent, carer or teacher if anything makes me feel scared or uncomfortable
  • make sure all the messages I send and comments I leave are polite and positive
  • tell my parent, carer or teacher if I get a nasty message or something makes me feel uncomfortable, and do not reply
  • not give my phone number or address to anyone online.
  • not tell people about myself online (I will not tell them my name, anything about where I live or where I go to school, names of clubs I attend)
  • not upload photographs of myself onto the computer or internet without my parent or carer’s permission
  • keep any passwords I have private
  • Only speak to people I know online and on the phone.
  • never agree to share photos, phone, video call or meet a stranger.
  • Always make sure my parent/carer knows who I am talking to or messaging.