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Growing In Faith and Learning

The school is now open to all pupils (Nursery, Reception, Years 2345 attending 2 full days each week) Keyworkers' children, Year 6 and Year 1 are full time.

Welcome to St Leonard's CofE Primary School

I am delighted to welcome you to our website. I am proud to be the Headteacher at St. Leonard’s CofE Primary & Nursery School. We are located in the beautiful village of Wigginton and have a very strong community who are keen to support our school. Our strong Christian ethos underpins everything we do and everyone associated with our school is committed to helping our children ‘Grow in Faith and Learning’. Catherine Young- Headteacher.


PE Intent Statement


Our intent for PE at St Leonard's CofE Primary School is to encourage sport across all year groups, promoting the inclusion for all abilities.  We offer a range of activities to encourage boys and girls of all ages to participate in a variety of activities and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.  We provide the children with the opportunities to compete in sports within our own school as well as with linking with other schools, promoting good sportsmanship, following the Olympic Values and helping them to understand healthy competition.

The PE Leader at St Leonard's is Miss Preece.  If you need have any questions about PE, please feel free to contact the school office at 01827 213995 or email directly at

Catch and throw challenge

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Here is this weeks challenge, offered to all schools across Tamworth. Share with Miss Preece what you can do and she will forward your results and these will be compared with the other schools!

PE Planning Week Commencing 11.05.20

Side to Side Challenge

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Here is this weeks challenge!

Speed Bound Challenge

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This week, across the Tamworth schools we are doing the Speed Bound Challenge. How many can you do? Keep Miss Preece updated with your scores and on Friday she will send the name of the person who did the most to Mr Tipper at Rawlett. Children, Parents and Staff are all welcome to join in, we would love to see your videos too!

Keepy up Challenge

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Here is a video of a Keepy up challenge that is being shared with schools across Tamworth. The lady in the video has used a hockey stick and a toilet roll but you can use whatever you like. Can you challenge yourself to beat your score as the week progresses? We would love to see your videos too!

PE for Week Commencing 30th March

Robins - Can you balance on one leg for 5 seconds?  Are you better on one particular leg?  Challenge yourself to balance on one leg for 10 seconds by the end of the week.

Kingfishers - Can you take 3 pictures of yourself showing the tallest shape you can, the widest shape you can and the smallest shape you can?  What other shapes can you make?  I look forward to the pictures!

Owls and Falcons - Can you time how long you can run on the spot without having to stop?  Are you able to run longer as the week progresses?

PE Curriculum

Our Science Priorities

We have highlighted the following priorities for us to develop in PE this year;

  • To tighten the gender gap in PE.
  • To have more children attend the after school sporting activities.
  • To work towards achieving the School Sports Mark, encouraging more children to participate in Local School Sporting events.

PE Skills Progression Grid

Pupil Voice Feedback January 2020

Mrs Young has a Dance group who are working hard learning a new routine to share at our Talent show and at Cannock's Gotta Dance. 

Robins enjoying their Enrichment Sports - Boxing

Robins have enrichment sports every other week, where they get to try new sports.  In this block, they got to try boxing, which they really enjoyed, especially as they were learning new skills.

Robins enjoying Multi-skills

In Multi-skills, the children got to develop a range of moving and handling skills, thinking carefully about their spatial awareness.  They enjoyed playing a range of different games. 

Kingfishers Superheroes Dance

As part of their Superhero topic, the children created a dance, using moves they have seen linked to Superheroes.  They worked in groups to make their own routines.

Kingfishers developing their Gymnastic skills

The children looked at different stretches and poses in their gymnastics.  They created different shapes and simple routines to share to the rest of the class.