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Growing In Faith and Learning

'Growing in Faith and Learning' 'Life in all it's fullness' John 10:10

Welcome to St Leonard's CofE Primary School

I am delighted to welcome you to our website. I am proud to be the Headteacher at St. Leonard’s CofE Primary & Nursery School. We are located in the beautiful village of Wigginton and have a very strong community who are keen to support our school. Our strong Christian ethos underpins everything we do and everyone associated with our school is committed to helping our children ‘Grow in Faith and Learning’. Catherine Young- Headteacher.



Curriculum Intent: Personal and Social and Health Education



A broad well balanced delivery of PSHE throughout all classes. Ensuring pupils gain emotional skills to enable resilience and independence. A knowledge of national and community society and the historical events that have led us to live as we do today. Underpinned by British and Christian values.

PSHE Curriculum

PSHE is lead by Mrs Hateley - Teaching Assistant and Assistant SENCO.

If you have any questions please contact me on the school number or at


We have had a great term so far!

We have created a scrap book to show our learning.


We have talked about our hopes and dreams for the future and understand the skills we may need to achieve these:








In October, we started to learn all about Parliament and the historical events that have influenced how we live today.

We discovered the Magna Carta helped shape law and order in England and any new laws are discussed in Parliament. We understand An Act of Parliament  is a new law that is signed by the Queen and that decisions made in Parliament, by the Government, can be challenged by the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Miss Thornton is a Senior Prison Offender Manager and she visited Falcons. We learnt lots about the consequence of breaking the law and the prison system in Britain.


We discussed the Monarchy and feel it is fair that the Queen pays tax, as we do, and the children feel she does work very hard! One of her duties is to give awards to people who have made a huge difference to their community, society or workplace.

Mr Brandon, who was awarded an MBE in 2007, visited Falcons and talked about the day he went to Buckingham Palace to collect his award.


After reading the manifestos, we held a General Election and it was a land slide victory for Liberal Democrats. However, amazingly, women were not always allowed to vote! The suffragettes fought to give women the right to do this.Thankfully, we now live in a democratic society. 



Our creative scrapbook

Miss Thornton visited Falcons to talk about her job as a Senior Prison Offender Manager

Falcons had a visit from Mr. Alan Brandon, who talked about his visit to Buckingham Palace when he received his MBE.

On December 4th Falcons held their own General Election.



Kingfishers have talked lots about the Golden Rules and why they are important. The rules help to make school a fair and safe place for everyone to learn and play.


We are all different!

Kingfishers have discussed how everybody is different and unique and how this is important. This can include the way we look, the dynamics of our families and our likes and dislikes.


People who help us!

Kingfishers know that there are lots of people who help us in our society and have discussed the different jobs they do. We have talked about where we live and the people that help us in our local community.

Money Matters!


This week we have discussed the importance of saving. 


It may not always be possible to have everything we want or need straight away. Money has to be earned by hard work and we must spend it wisely!

Falcons held their own General Election!


We are pleased to announce the winning party is 'The Eclipse Party'.