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'Growing in Faith and Learning' 'Life in all it's fullness' John 10:10

Welcome to St Leonard's CofE Primary School

I am delighted to welcome you to our website. I am proud to be the Headteacher at St. Leonard’s CofE Primary & Nursery School. We are located in the beautiful village of Wigginton and have a very strong community who are keen to support our school. Our strong Christian ethos underpins everything we do and everyone associated with our school is committed to helping our children ‘Grow in Faith and Learning’. Caroline Hall - Headteacher.

Arrangements for Christmas Services 12/12/2017

Dear Parent/Carer
Due to the weather, we are changing the arrangements slightly for the Christmas services. They will still take place in church at 1:30 on 13th and 14th of December.
Your children have all been absolutely wonderful during the rehearsal at church this morning behaviour was impeccable from all and we are all back at school safely.
We have left all of the costumes at church as it is too cold and wet for the children to walk to church in their costumes. This means, that when the children arrive tomorrow for the actual performance, you will need to bear with us, whilst we get them changed ready for their starring roles.
Following the performance, there will be refreshments for the audience in the church hall. Rather than the children leaving first (like we usually do) we will keep the children at church whilst the little ones get changed and then we will all walk back to school together.
You can then collect your children early or as normal from school. We will not be dismissing any children from church.
Reminder, the aisles are in use throughout the performance so please do not bring pushchairs into the church.
We have marked where the children will be sitting, so when you arrive you may sit in any of the unmarked pews. Falcons and Kestrels will be sitting in the balcony so that we can have as many seats in the middle area available for the audience so that you can see the show.
Many thanks
Mrs C Young