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Growing In Faith and Learning

'Growing in Faith and Learning' 'Life in all it's fullness' John 10:10

Welcome to St Leonard's CofE Primary School

I am delighted to welcome you to our website. I am proud to be the Headteacher at St. Leonard’s CofE Primary & Nursery School. We are located in the beautiful village of Wigginton and have a very strong community who are keen to support our school. Our strong Christian ethos underpins everything we do and everyone associated with our school is committed to helping our children ‘Grow in Faith and Learning’. Caroline Hall - Headteacher.

Celebration Assemblies

It has been a very busy week, starting with Celebration Assemblies for Owls, Kestrels and Falcons. Well done to everyone who received a certificate.



Super Listener: Elsa Blackwood

English Award: Tabitha Blackwood

Super Scientist: Zac Goodwin

Super Organised: Grace Cooke

History Expert: Eliza Tall

Most Responsible: Freya Henderson

Excellent Homework: Emily Griffiths

Maths Award: Demi Bonnard

Head Teacher Award: Monty Gambrell

Osprey Awards:  Breakfast club - Mazie Tedd,  After school club - Laila Smith.



Super Organised: Neeve Finney

Never Gives Up: Alice Coats

History Expert: Vinny Fernyhough

Maths Magician: Harry Southall

Most Responsible: Evie Cover

Excellent Homework: Holly Sutton

MFL Expert: Conor Hopwood

Super Listener: Oscar Kinsella

English Award: Oliver Macey

Super Scientist: David Drew

Head Teacher Award: Jessica Byrne & Vinny Fernyhough

Osprey Awards:  Breakfast club - Ruby Sadler,  After school club - Conor Hopwood.



Maths Magician: Shae Finney

English Award: Eve Boyle

Super Organised: Ellie-Beth Henderson

RE: Marcus Goodwin

Bookworm: Bethany Cooke

Marvellous Musician: Sophie Horton

Forest Schools: Jacob Bryan, Ben Wildes & Francis Luke.

Head Teacher Award: Bethany Cooke

Osprey Awards:  Breakfast club - Jacob Bryan.


We also gave out Bronze Award certificates to those children that have kept all of their Golden Time for this half term.