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Growing In Faith and Learning

'Growing in Faith and Learning' 'Life in all it's fullness' John 10:10

Welcome to St Leonard's CofE Primary School

Welcome to St. Leonard’s Church of England Primary School. We hope our website gives you a flavour of our vibrant, happy school and the achievements of our delightful children. We are a thriving church school in the picturesque village of Wigginton with a strong Christian ethos, growing in faith and learning. We passionately believe in developing the ‘whole child’ and ensure all children have the opportunity to reach their goals and shine in their own unique and wonderful way. Our kind, caring and dedicated team nurture, motivate and encourage our children to be confident and well-rounded members of their community. I am incredibly proud to be the Headteacher of St. Leonard’s, a place where children develop a passion for learning, feel good about themselves, are proud of their achievements and create lasting memories of friendship and connection in our school family. I warmly invite you to come and visit us at St. Leonard’s Mrs Kirsty Cullen, Headteacher.

This week

Robins had their first forest schools session! It was amazing and they constructed the most beautiful village for the little people. They have been working hard this week on the creation story and all the things we have been given from God.  


Kingfishers have made their moving seaside picture for DT. They have moved onto addition in maths and have been using time conjunctions in English. They have enjoyed their football unit of work in PE and have been using small apparatus in Gymnastics. 


Owls have been practising their written methods for subtraction. In English they have been applying their skills to write a Celtic Round House leaflet. 


Kestrels and Falcons went on their trip to the space centre which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. They learned about the phases of the moon and much more.


Kestrels wrote lovely prayers for Mrs Ribchester - many of whom have benefited from her support. They did a fabulous job of tidying out the school planters. 


Falcons have been writing letters to local businesses asking them to support our volunteer day by donating paint and various equipment. 


Congratulations to the following children who have each received an award in this weeks Family worship:



Beau Smith for trying her best in all areas of her learning.
Sophie Arnold for showing such independence in her approach to school.


Lily Thomas for always being ready to learn.
James Flanagan for using his phonic knowledge to write sentences independently.



Millie Owen for some great work involving negative numbers.
Harvey Boddington for being focused and hard working.
Finley Madge for excellent handwriting and being the 1st person to receive a pen licence.



Megan Blackwood for an amazing piece of Islamic art.

Rhea Ward for being thoughtful and helpful.
Jessica Wildes for helping others with their learning.

Monty Gambrell for excellent Roman numerals work.



Eve Boyle for writing a lovely harvest prayer.
Harry Southall for trying so hard, even when he finds something difficult.

Madison Williams for always persevering with her learning.
Yasmin Turner for a fantastic description of the planets.


This week the attendance award was presented to Robins for 97.7% attendance.